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Tractor Birthday Party Decorations

Boys love tractors. Having a tractor-theme party would thrill most little boys. Putting together a tractor themed party is easy. A little planning and you will be the talk of the class. Get your guests involved by coming in farmer clothes such as blue jeans, overalls, straw hats and checkered shirts. A toddler interested in tractors is as common as a sports fan interested in the Super Bowl. Just about every young boy seems to have a fascination with tractors at one point or another in his childhood years. Throwing a tractor-themed party for him can be just what he needs to have a memorable birthday. Many tractor loving boys will have lots of tractor related items. Place out all the toys that you have to set the decor. Add in bold green and yellow solid table cloths and utensils to remind the guests of their favorite tractor brand! You could also use red and white checkered table cloths or napkins to give that farm feel. Also, you could use brown paper and twine to accent around the party space.

One of the first steps to throwing any party is sending out invitations. There are various tractor invitations on the market. By sending out tractor invitations, you are letting guests and parents know that a tractor theme party is in store. This could also encourage parents to purchase tractor-theme gifts for your child to enjoy, especially if you also announce the theme on the invitation. No tractor party is complete without getting your child an awesome tractor toy, especially if it is rideable. Any child enjoys getting a large gift, but when they open that gift and find a rideable tractor, you can bet that they will be thrilled. Tractors are a pretty popular theme for a birthday party. Many companies manufacture tractor decorations for parties. Have the complete set-up at your child’s birthday party with tractor balloons, tractor tablecloths, tractor paper plates, tractor gift bags, and even tractor-shaped balloon weights. You can even order a tractor-theme cake. The main colors for the tractor party should be yellow and green with black accents. Cover the party table in a green table cloth and use yellow plates (wheels) with black cutlery. Set up a course in your backyard or the park using hay bales and other items such as swing sets, trampolines, slides, hula hoops, etc. Set up a course that goes over, under, around and through the area. You can set up teams to compete against each other or use a stop watch and time each of the party guests. When they have run through it a few times you can change it by having them run through it backwards, on their hands and knees or walking. Just as invitations are the first step in throwing a birthday party, thank-you cards are the final step. You can maintain the tractor theme to the very end of the party by sending out tractor theme thank-you cards after the party. Your child will appreciate the all-out tractor theme that lasted through his entire party from start to finish.