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Twin Baby Shower Themes Plan

Twin baby showers present unique opportunities for fun shower themes. Having a theme makes everything easier, because you can apply it to everything from the invitations through the thank you cards and everything in between. Don’t be afraid to get creative and make the most of this exceptional celebration. There are lots of fun twin baby shower invitations, creative themes, decorations, games, twin baby gifts, and more made especially for this unique occasion. It’s so nice that mothers expecting twins have this option for a truly personalized baby shower. Whether you’re the mom-to-be, friend, or family member that’s doing the planning, don’t settle for any old shower when you can have a twin themed shower. With more and more twins being born, there has been a greater calling for unique themes for twin baby showers.

Twin baby shower themes help to add pizzazz to the party. A popular twin baby shower theme is, Two Peas in a Pod. To incorporate the theme, purchase green paper plates, napkins, cups and cutlery. Select two candles shaped as babies, sitting in a pea pod for twin baby shower favors. Another option is to purchase green candles in votive holders. Place two candles, one representing each child, in either clear or green cellophane bags. Tie green ribbon at the top of the bags. Create a tag to string on the ribbon that says, “Two Peas in a Pod.” With this Noah Ark’s theme concentrate more on the two by two part of the theme. Decorate with little stuffed animals by putting them in pairs. These stuffed animals can then be given to the mom-to-be for the babies. Noah’s Ark is a pretty common baby shower theme so there should be plenty of favors and decorations that you can find, but you can add your unique twist so people know it’s for twins. A cute idea for favors would be cookies in the shape of animals and instead of only giving guests one cookie, you can wrap up two cookies together. Then double your delight, this baby shower is perfect for the mom-to-be who is having twins but also loves sweets. Instead of having a full meal at the baby shower, you can have a dessert only shower with close friends and family. Ideas would be for an ice cream bar, a candy station, and whatever other delightful sweet treats the mom-to-be loves. And last is two of a kind theme, for this baby shower theme you can pick any normal theme or style you want and just make two of everything. A way to get your guests into this theme is to put on the baby shower invitations to buy two of whatever gift they are giving, within reason of course. So, if they were going to buy a baby bathtub, they would buy two of them. Rather than having one dish of a certain food, have two dishes of every food to eat, as well as two cakes. You can take a classic ladybug theme for girls and turn it into a two of a kind ladybug theme by simply doubling whatever you would normally do.