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Zoo Birthday Party Ideas Theme

Do you have a zoo nearby? Zoos are a favorite of most children. It is a great opportunity for kids to experience wildlife, and get an education at the same time. Admission costs to zoos are usually low. Most zoos have outside picnic tables or shelters that can accommodate your party food, cake, favors, etc. Some zoos may offer birthday party packages. Call in advance to find out their birthday options. Even if they don’t offer birthday packages, you can still manage to provide loads of fun for your child and their friends at the zoo and still have plenty of birthday recognition. With hundreds of wild animals from around the world, Zoo is the perfect place to hold your child’s next birthday party. With lots of different options available, no matter what you choose, your birthday celebration at the Zoo will be one to remember!

If you do not have sufficient funds, you can also hold your child’s birthday party at home with the theme of the zoo. By holding anniversary events at home, then you can save a lot of costs. Here are some tips for decorations. Give your house a “welcome to the jungle” feels by placing large potted palms or other plants in the party area. Hang animal prints or mosquito netting from the ceiling. Cluster a few coconuts, a bunch or two of bananas, a safari hat, and binoculars in the middle of the food table to create a centerpiece. Make signs that say things like “Madagascar: 21 Miles,” “Giraffe Crossing,” “Go Wild,” and “Monkey See, Monkey Do” and post them to the walls around the party area. Cut out construction paper paw prints and tape them going up a wall or to the front door. Decorate with stuffed jungle animals or other types of wild animal figures. Or, set up a stuffed animal petting zoo. Use chalk to draw big gray elephant footprints on your driveway and the sidewalk leading up to your front door. Make a cardboard jungle using wrapping paper tubes to form palm tree trunks and green construction paper to make large palm leaves. Use a brown marker to draw ridges on the trunks. Decorate the food table with a solid color tablecloth that reaches the floor and then attach construction paper grey bars to the tablecloth to make it look like a cage. You can also use grey duct tape for the bars. Hang a please don’t feed the animals sign on the table until you are ready to serve the food. Scatter stuffed zoo animals throughout the party area and make a habitat for each one using artificial plants, grasses and flowers.